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Wedding Trends

04 December 2012

By Andrew Glendenning - Hotel Manager and Wedding Co-ordinator at Headlam Hall

So 2012 has been quite a patriotic year for us Brits. First we had the Queens Diamond Jubilee with a calendar of events that took place and a spectacular concert to finalise. We also had the Olympics. Some had predicted London 2012 would be an embarrassing and chaotic two weeks. Brand GB would be horribly undermined and the country’s reputation would be damaged for decades. As it turned out, we not only massively exceeded expectations in the sports arenas but also won universal plaudits for hosting a brilliant games.

So what a reflection in the wedding world. Supermodel Kate Moss and the rocker guitarist from the Kills, Jaime Hince, got married in July. Vintage was certainly on the cards here. From the dress designed by John Galliano to the half a million pound festival inspired reception. This saw celebrities attend from around the globe to celebrate the occasion.

So whether it was bunting at your receptions, afternoon tea instead of the traditional sit down meal, English country garden, there certainly was a British invasion influenced by this year’s events. So as we look to 2013 will there be any
changes or trends..

There are always so called “experts” in every field that tout the next big thing in their industry – and the events industry is no different. In a quick search for wedding trends for 2013, some say small weddings were the new trend. I also found large weddings were the new trend. Vintage was officially out but some “experts” so it’s here to stay. I basically saw that the next big trend of 2013 ended up being whatever that particular expert liked at the moment.

Trends are determined in a number of ways – one being the clothes that we wear. A lot of trends are lead by the fashion industry. Every season fashion buffs everywhere wait for the latest runway collections to be released and these clothes often set the tone of the season. The colours, styles and themes of the various
pieces often make their way into the wedding world. Realistically the experts can only follow trends and then predict what they think will happen next. I believe that it is principally the brides who ultimately decide what the current trends are.

Some couples I have spoken to are continuing with similar trends seen this year, for example, the sweet shop. Let’s take our favourite sweets and turn a table into a little sweetie shop, bags, glass jars and humbugs. The twist for 2013 is taking it one step further. Scales to weigh a “quarter” of your favourite sweets placed in bags that have been personolised with the couple’s name.

Vintage has been talked about so many times along with the shabby chic look. Try channelling Downton Abbeys Edwardian style for ideas. From the dress to the finer details I am expecting to see a lot of different styles of vintage next year here at Headlam.

The trends will be similar next year as they worked well with a few changes here and there to reflect a personal sense of style. Wedding receptions will reflect the bride and grooms personal tastes and personalities as well as drawing inspiration from all walks of life.


Andrew Glendenning

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